That Princess Anne, from that Roman Holiday

When she greeted the camera for the first time, the camera fell in love with her like never before. It has loved her ever since, and it will love her till eternity, for Princess Anne will forever remain unmatched. From when she first waves out to the city of Rome to her final, eye captivating conversation with Gregory Peck in that last press meet, she enchants, … Continue reading That Princess Anne, from that Roman Holiday

The Dynamics of Inaction

It’s hot. I’m sprawled on the couch in front of the TV. The air conditioner is on. There’s a half-empty can of soda in front of me (although it’s actually more likely to be a half-drained bottle of water because I’m an almost incurable water drinker, especially in hot weather). The TV is playing something. I don’t recall the exact nature of the programming, but … Continue reading The Dynamics of Inaction

The power of his words

I’ve always wanted to touch people’s hearts in some way. I’ve wanted them to cry tears of joy because of me. There’s a certain inexplicable beauty in moving people. It impacts them, leaves them speechless. For a few moments at least. I’ve always had this urge. You can call it a dream. Except I never knew how to make it happen. I wouldn’t ever have … Continue reading The power of his words

Words, lines and life – Exploring Indian literature

There are words. There are lines. There is a plot. And then there is this that transcends it all. The window of life for another life, it goes by the name literature. Literature is a manifestation, of emotions, imagination, culture. A manifestation of life in its true colours. It is much like a feast, where variety and quality are the markers of its grandeur and … Continue reading Words, lines and life – Exploring Indian literature


Seinfeld season 6 episode 17. “The Kiss Hello”. February 16, 1995. “Now, I was thinking the other day about hair, and that the weird thing about it, is that people will touch other people’s hair. You will actually kiss another human being, right on the head. But, if one of those hairs should somehow be able to get out of that skull, and go off … Continue reading Hair

Lion Rampant – A brief history of the Scottish flag

I like the Scottish flag. I really do. I’d go so far as to say it’s my favourite of all the flags of all the nations in the world. I can’t quite put my finger on the reason why. Perhaps this fascination is a by-product of the appreciation for the unpretentious, salt-of-the-earth sensibilities I’ve always associated with Scotland and its people. The flag, a plain … Continue reading Lion Rampant – A brief history of the Scottish flag